Due to an extremely heavy workload I haven’t been able to update the site the past weeks. As of this weekend I try to add new posts an a regular basis again.

Have fun with archicad everybody

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ArchiCAD 14 Hotfix (Build 3269)

Hotfix for archicad 14


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As a starting archicad user groups have been something to get used to. The main purpose is to work in an organised manner, without having too many separate objects in the model. Also some editing features are available and provide some nice control with for example walls. But as an old autocad user one functionality could be added to groups. Often I make copies of group in floor plans and it would be nice if I change a group that all the copies of that group change too. Or perhaps build in a control option to enable that, or leave the group functionality as it is now.

I know this can be done with hotlink modules, but those separate files next to the main model. To me it would be more efficient to have all in the same model.

Next to that I have the feeling that groups can be made much more intelligent, but in what exact way I’m not quite sure. all the basic element information is available within a group so I guess more or less any parameter can be controlled. I’m sure the good people at graphisoft have some nice ideas for it.

Have fun with archicad everybody

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VPN update

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about accessing a teamwork project over a VPN connection.
Since that time I have received some feedback from graphisoft regarding this.

They suggested to look at the DNS settings, and that indeed seemed to be the problem. Tomorrow I will make some time to get the DNS settings correct from our network and in the VPN tracker software. I’m quite positive that it will work now, and that I will be able to access the teamwork projects.

I’ll keep everybody posted if it works.

Have fun with archicad everybody


using the correct DNS settings made teamwork projects available over the VPN connection.

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archicad 14 reviews

Below a couple of reviews of archicad 14




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