VPN update

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about accessing a teamwork project over a VPN connection.
Since that time I have received some feedback from graphisoft regarding this.

They suggested to look at the DNS settings, and that indeed seemed to be the problem. Tomorrow I will make some time to get the DNS settings correct from our network and in the VPN tracker software. I’m quite positive that it will work now, and that I will be able to access the teamwork projects.

I’ll keep everybody posted if it works.

Have fun with archicad everybody


using the correct DNS settings made teamwork projects available over the VPN connection.

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    I read some post on your website about VPN connection with ArchiCad and you seems to be a specialist !
    I have a problem since the update of AC 13 to AC 14.
    Before this update, I could connect to Wibukey server through VPN connection, but with AC 14 it became impossible.

    I had already manually assign the IP address of the Mac which is running Wibukey for the network license. Our VPN settings have not change.

    Does the Wibukey server had change his protocol ?

    May you help me ?

    Thank you.

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