My name is Eric and I’m a BIM manager and modeller for an architecture firm in Amsterdam.

I’ve been working with AEC software for almost 20 years, starting out with autocad and later autocad architecture. Since 2009 I’m working with archicad and making the transition to BIM.

Open BIM is what I believe in, no individual software should determine how we work together to design and build a building. Even though I’m a archicad user, I’m open to all the BIM software available, but the main focus of this blog will be about archicad and related software like solibri, because that is what I’m currently using for projects.


Being from the Netherlands means that english is not my native language, but I’ve decided to create this blog in English, simply because it will reach more people.


Next to BIM I’m very much interested in all kinds of design software, ranging from popular commercial software to great open source projects.


Hopefully this blog will gradually grow, and I will add more functionality to it.