archicad 19

A few weeks ago archicad 19 has been officially announced.


This year the focus is on performance and making working with archicad faster for the users.

The new background processing will make working in complicated models much faster, every time you had to wait for a a view to update are hopefully be gone. All those seconds of waiting will certainly add up during the course of a day.

Having a series of tabs open will make editing go much faster, and I think it will lead to a change the way the power users will work with archicad.



Having such power with the new release makes the introduction of the surface painter logical. Creating and applying materials and surfaces can be a bit teadeous, but surface painter will make it go much smoother. I’ve spoken to architects who like to do this part of the model themselves and they are very happy about this new feature, because it will enable them to create presentable models much faster the way they want them to be.




In my next post I will take a look at the smaller new features, and maybe find a few hidden gems that are usually found in a new version of archicad.

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