doors and windows, a call for change

Doors and windows


Doors and windows in archicad are fine for what they are, and for example the local Dutch reseller of archicad has done a great job in providing many customisable doors and windows, but there are too many limitations…………


Let me elaborate, doors and windows are very difficult to predefine because anybody who works in architecture knows that almost every design has very distinct door and window shapes, most which are not configurable with the doors and windows in the library. Graphisoft has provided an option for this by being able to create custom doors and windows, which is a nice solution, but it leaves you with static doors and windows which take more time to adjust.

It’s not only archicad which has this problem, as far as I know the other main BIM software suites have a comparable way of creating doors and windows.


What should doors and windows be like then?

In my opinion they should be editable in place and every part should be customisable, for example different frame sizes, any mullion subdivision needed, any panel you want in the layout of the door or window. Other functionality that should be incorporated is that individual parts should be able to have IFC parameters, and the renovation should work on any part of a door or window (very important for renovation and restoration projects).


Thats quite a list of wishes, but I think graphisoft already has the solution for most of the wishes in archicad.

Combining the curtain wall tool, the window tool and door tool would lead to a single tool to create all. Separate tools are not needed any more because the difference between a door,window or curtain wall is set in the IFC parameters. All we need in archicad is a great modelling tool that will allow the users to create any parametric door, window, or curtain wall they can think of.

One added feature could be an option to set a created shape to a favorite or name like in the profile manager. This way you could reset a modified door or window to the original shape if needed.


The difficulty in all of this for graphisoft is how to make it work when an object is places in a wall, I can imagine that could lead to some programming headaches and performance issues, but I think most hardware in use is fast enough to deal with it.


My hope for a near release of archicad (probably not archicad 19) that a change like this is implemented.

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